Most Popular Canadian Feature at Whistler Film Festival

Thrilled to announce David Ray's Grand Unified Theory was noted as the Most Popular Canadian Feature Film at the Whistler Film Festival

The most popular Canadian film with Whistler audiences this year was the BC based GRAND UNIFIED THEORY, directed and written by David Ray. Fresh and funny, shot over a twelve day period in North Vancouver, the film tells the story of a brilliant nuclear physicist who may know how to lecture about the order in the universe, but whose personal family life is a living example of chaos theory run rampant.

Says Paul Gratton, Director of Programming of the Whistler Film Festival: "We felt going in that this year's selection of films was the most diverse and audience-friendly mix that we have ever had the privilege of presenting at Whistler. We were gratified to note that our instincts were correct. The audience rating numbers were the highest that we have ever seen for this year's films, and that reflects the ever growing relationship between the Whistler Film Festival and the audiences that support it."

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